Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Using my Aliexpress Stamps and Cutting Dies

i am now living in the middle east and it is almost impossible for me to get the dies sold in the US. Usually they dont ship here and if they do, they will cost me so much. so during these past few months i have been buying stamps and dies from Aliexpress. it can be addictive cause it is very cheap. i must admit that i have spent a lot of money in here. not to mention, you need patience in waiting for the dies to arrive. sometimes, seller will ship it at different times (some have 2 or more warehouses where the dies are mailed out).

to lessen my guilt and hoarding dilemma, i decided to make use of them starting today.

i have made a card, and this time i was so inlove with it that i made a replica for my daughter's mini album.

this is one best way to get the most out of your creativity. also, a memento of the card you make. once you give your card away, you wont totally forget about it cause it is still in your keepsakes.

here are some photos

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