Monday, May 28, 2018

Day 20 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

This is it.. today is Ina's last day. And also my last day of blogging her school activities daily.

Thank you Lord for guiding her over her academic years. To celebrate this day, she ate at her favorite Japanese restaurant in Tuscany .. Nihonkai.. she said she bought the most expensive bento, that's how happy she is

Just internship and she will be done.

Screenshot for today:

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Day 19 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

No special story today cause Ina is almost asleep all day.  Feeling like it's already vacation, she is very relaxed.

We just talked about TV series that we are currently watching.  I told her I am watching 13 Reasons Why.. and she told me she did too but said it is too hard to watch cause "it felt like a hard pill to swallow"

She mentions she is currently watching Santa Clarita Diet cause it is funny.. The star is Drew Barrymore so it made me curious and watched it.. i only lasted to episode and got bored haha. i think it's for young people.  But i will give it another try after I finished 13 Reasons Why

Screenshot for today

Friday, May 25, 2018

Day 18 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

Ina messaged me saying "guess who got flowers for her last day"

I said, i thought Monday is your last day.. and she it's just finals and done.. haha. so she considers this as last day cause no more class.

Screenshots for today:

Day 17 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

today Ina is so happy cause she has no classes. She says she is a free woman.

It is friday today, and Ina said after monday she will have no more class.. so it means just two days for her (cause she has saturday class)  and school is done.  Her academic sem will end, even I can't believe it.  It so fast, it seems like we were just enrolling her yesterday.

screen shots for today:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Day 16 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

Ina messaged me to pray for her cause she has exam on the only subject that she says she has a chance of failing... i read it late cause of time difference we have.. and when i read it is already done and she said it was "pretty easy"

Ina, Ann and Macky ate today at Enderun cafeteria, which they call the "cheap place.. this is their last meal on the cafeteria according to Ina.  No photos but only videos so i will just post a screenshot from the video.

They also posted a video of tour around Enderun..

Screenshots for today:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 15 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

Ina is very tired today cause she left late last night, studying.

She says she fails her exam in her subject "Pricing... and she is devastated.  She says exam is very hard, not because she did not study or she studied wrong.. it's just hard.  But she is not worried cause she said her current standing there is 1.25 and the worst grade she can get if she fail is 2.75.. but still she is sad.. i joked and said.. at least you still have your lashes.

But afterwards, she was so happy cause she is the highest in her subject "Logistics" 66/75 average.  she said she thought she failed.  She also thinks that she does not deserve her grade and feels like the professor just likes her.  Photo below is pretend crying because of too much happiness.

Today's screenshots:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 14 (Ina's Last Academic Month)

Ina said i should title today's blog as "Last resto lunch and last paper" .

Today, Ina and her friends (Anne, Ralph, and Macky) eat in Enderun Resto.  According to Ina, this is her last resto lunch with her friends, because she is not going back to Enderun anymore after this sem.  She will only be back to enroll her internship.

She also call it last paper, cause she is handing in the last paper work for this sem.  it is super cheap P340 for three course meal (salad or soup, main course and dessert).  Cause as student they have 20% discount in Enderun restaurant, called Resto 101.  if you order two-course it's only P200+

Screenshots for today: