Thursday, August 17, 2017

Catalog for Punches and Cutting Dies

Today is an organization day for me. i will be updating the catalog that i have for my punches and dies.

I have been using this system to keep track of the punches and dies that i have cause I am guilty of buying duplicates of dies in the past.

I used white cardstock for my base and for all the punch outs and die cuts i used kraft cardstock. i used this all throught to have uniformity and to make my catalog more appealing in my eyes.

I organized my punch according to their size as much as possible. like all deep edge in one group, shapes in another.. and so on.

As for my cutting dies this is how I categorized them

I combine all edge dies together

all shaped and layering dies together and i also divide them based on shape. Like in here, i put all ovals together

and all others i combine those that might fall on same category: like all flowers together, Spellbinders D-lites together and the list goes on...

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